Westwood Park

Members of the Westwood Park Association Board of Directors are elected by members (property owners) of the Association and serve three-year terms. Elections are held in September of any year in which a current board member’s term expires.

If you are interested in joining the board, candidates must be Westwood Park property owners in good standing (dues paid and current). Candidate statements should be no more than 100 words must be submitted with property address included.

For more information, email: board@westwoodpark.com

Current board members are:

President – Michael Ahrens (term expires 2021)

Vice President – Anne Chen (term expires 2019)

Treasurer – Joe Koman (term expires 2019)

Secretary – Francine Lofrano (term expires 2019)

Member-at-Large – Ravi Krishnaswamy (term expires 2020)

Member-at-Large – Jenny Perez (term expires 2021)

Member-at-Large – Anita Theoharis  (term expires 2021)