Westwood Park is a historic neighborhood in the south western area of San Francisco, California. Designed as a “residence park” for middle class residents, it consists of more than 650 bungalow-style homes. Building in Westwood Park began in 1916, with the majority of homes completed in the 1920s.

The neighborhood lies within the borders of Monterey Boulevard, Frida Kahlo Way, Faxon Avenue and Ocean Avenue.

The 1918 completion of the Twin Peaks Tunnel in West Portal allowed for Westwood Park to become a reality as “a model home community for the family of average means.” An article from the 1923 magazine, “The Home Designer,” described Westwood Park as:

..justly considered as one of the show places of San Francisco and a model of the modern American home community…Its beautiful name was suggested by its location in the “west” of the city and the high eucalyptus woods that surround the tract, tempering the invigorating and bracing breezes that sometimes sweep in from the Pacific Ocean.

In 1995, Westwood Park became San Francisco’s only Residential Character District, providing the neighborhood with protection for its architectural integrity. (See Design Guidelines under Important Documents.)

The Westwood Park Association (WPA), founded in 1917, keeps its members informed about activities taking place in and around Westwood Park (See Newsletters). Property owners in Westwood Park pay annual dues, which primarily go toward the maintenance of the historic gates, trees and landscaping throughout the neighborhood.